Product Sets display on individual device detail pages to show the status of the products' deployments to the device. The products listed that are part of a product set display the product set they pertain to and the deployment status of the products.

The Products tab displays all the products in a product set that is assigned to a device. The status of the products in relation to the device is displayed as well. Not all the displayed products from a product set are applicable for the device viewed.

To see the product sets in the Device Details, navigate to Devices > List View and select the device you want to view. Then select the More option and select Products.

  • Product Set – Displays the product set that contains the product. Select the product set to view the product set details.
  • Status – Displays the status of the product. For products in a product set, the appropriate product deployed to the device is labeled as Compliant. The other products contained in the product set eligible for deployment but are not deployed to the device are labeled as Outranked. Any product that is not eligible to be deployed to the device is labeled as Not Applicable.