Product provisioning in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch allows for conditions to be placed on products. A condition determines when the product or OS upgrade package can be downloaded and installed. Conditions are reviewed when a product is pushed to a device.

Your device fleet is not always readily available for maintenance. You might have devices in different time zones or countries. Some devices may be away from a reliable hotspot. Also, you cannot always ensure that a device is not in use when you push a product. For all these reasons and many more, you can use conditions to delay the download and installation of products.

These conditions defer the product download or installation until the device meets the criteria of the assigned condition. You can set products to download only based on battery life, power adapters, user confirmation, and other criteria. The available conditions for your products vary based on the device platform.

When you edit a condition, be aware that the changes can filter down to active Products or Event-Actions that are a part of active Products. For more information, see What Happens If You Change a Product, Component, or Condition?