Configure Workspace ONE UEM Integration with Akamai CDN by setting up Akamai for use in a production environment.

To learn more about configuring Akamai integration, see Akamai product documentation at

To configure Akamai to integrate with Workspace ONE UEM, complete the following settings:

  1. At the time of configuration, select AirWatch as your client name.
  2. After you set up properties that control Akamai's edge server traffic, add behaviors to the property as per your requirements. Currently, Workspace ONE UEM requires you to configure the following two behaviors:
    1. Edge Server Identification: Include a known cookie value that can be verified at the origin server before serving requests back to the edge server.

      Setting Description
      Cookie Value Use a hash generator to create the hash key generated value. CDN server uses the key to connect to the origin server. Retain a copy of the hash key for use while installing the origin server.
      Cookie Domain Enter the Origin Server URL. For example, enter
    2. Advanced Override: Use the Advanced Override option to specify the parameter to use for tokens that are passed to the URL. Also, specify the expected shared-secret/salt that is used to generate the HMAC token when validating the file requests to the edge server. Advanced Override is only available by request from Akamai Support, and requires an extra fee. This feature is required to enter the Token key in the Console configuration.