Custom attributes in Workspace ONE UEM enable you to extract specific values from a managed device (for example IMEI, location, among many others) and use it as assignment criteria for products. You can also configure a 3rd party application to create custom attributes and display them on the launcher.

What Is A Custom Attribute?

A custom attribute is a placeholder for additional device information collected by Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or by a third party application. This placeholder can be used in many different ways.

  • It can be used to assign content such as provisioned products.
    • ...for example, you can provision product XYZ to only devices that are checked out and in the field.
  • It can provide information to the admin on the UEM console or to the end user on the device.
    • ...for example, a delivery driver can view an in-house developed app to determine their next stop, furnished by a custom attribute that collects the location of the device.
  • It can be used to move newly enrolled devices to a specific organization group.
    • ...for example, you can move all newly enrolled devices whose model number equals Zebra VC80 to an organization group that is designed to serve that specific model.
Note: Custom attributes (and the rules generator) are only configurable and useable at Customer-level organization groups. For details about available options regarding device assignment rules based on custom attributes, see Enable Device Assignments from the Managing Devices Guide on

Custom Attributes Database

Custom attributes are stored as XML files and in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub database, each stored on the device. When using the database, custom attributes are sent as samples to Workspace ONE UEM periodically for asset tracking of key/value pairs.

If a record in the device database is configured with 'Create Attribute' = TRUE, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub automatically retrieves the Name and Value sent with the custom attributes sample. The key/value pair displays in the Device Details page for the device in the Custom Attributes tab.

Note: Custom Attribute values cannot return the following special characters: / \ " * : ; < > ? |. If a script returns a value which contains these characters, the value is not reported on the console. Trim these characters from the script's output.