Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch lets you direct profiles, files-actions, and applications to remain on a device even after an enterprise reset. Content marked to persist is reinstalled after 1) an enterprise reset, 2) the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub installs, and 3) the device restarts.

The help desk benefits the most from Product Persistence since it reinstalls required products and applications even after an enterprise reset.

Supported Devices

  • Product Persistence for Windows Rugged only applies to Motorola, Honeywell, Psion, Pideon, and Intermec devices running Windows Mobile.
  • Product Persistence for Android applies to the following.

How Persistence Works

  • A device must contain a staging configuration so that the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and enrollment reinstall following the enterprise reset. Staging configurations persist on a device.
  • Set to persist any profiles, files-actions, or applications that you want to remain on the device after the enterprise reset.
  • The device resets when the Enterprise Reset command is sent (see Product Management). After resetting, the restore process begins.
  • The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for the device reinstalls during the restore process.
  • After the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is installed, any persisted profiles, such as Wi-Fi, reinstall.
  • Any persisted files-actions or applications are reinstalled.