Think of products as an ordered installation of device profiles, applications, and files/actions to be either published to the relay server or pushed to devices based on the conditions you create. Products are the main feature of the Product Provisioning system in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Product Basics

Products are made of individual components which include Hub/Agent Packages, Applications, Conditions, Event Actions, File Servers, Files/Actions, and Profiles. Not every Product has each of these types of components. No matter how many or how few components your product has, each individual component must be created BEFORE you can make and provision a product.

Products are typically pushed directly to devices but products can also be published to relay servers without any devices assigned to it.

Product Push to Device

After products are created and activated, they can be pushed to the device based on conditions you define. Conditions determine when a product is downloaded and when it is installed. Content in products is pushed to devices through optional relay servers or content delivery networks (CDN). Applications (Android only) provisioned by way of products can be optionally run through a tunnel.

Products are pushed to devices by way of smart group assignments. These groups control which devices get which product based on how the group is created, including software qualifiers like build version, currently installed apps, and hardware qualifiers like model number. You can also use Assignment Rules to target products to devices.

Note: In addition, you can ensure the product you provision from the console or from an API call is the exact same product that gets received by the device. This product verification is built into the provisioning process. If the product status is Compliant, then the product on the device matches the product provisioned. If validation discovers a mismatch, the console pushes the content to the device again to ensure compliance between the product and the device. In this way, the product ensures that your devices remain up-to-date.