Subscribe to a new report to receive alerts from the Monitor page of the UEM console. Subscription enables you to access important information regarding usage and other technical parameters.

For security reasons, the subscription email for new reports does not contain the report as a file attachment. The email provides a link to download the report. This link requires authentication to download. Only admins with valid credentials can access the reports.
Important: Administrators with the appropriate role permissions and organization group access can view and edit other administrator's subscriptions.


  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View > All Reports.
  2. Select a desired new report and select the Report Subscriptions icon.
  3. On the Parameters tab, configure applicable settings to set criteria for the scope of the report.
    These settings vary depending on the report.
  4. On the Schedule tab, configure the following settings.
    Setting Description
    From Specifies from whom the subscription is sent.
    To Specifies who receives the subscription.

    Defines when the UEM console sends the subscription. Available options are once, daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also set the time of day for the report and the end of recurrence.

    If the recurrence is set to specific days of the month such as the 31st day of a month when the month only has 30 days, you do not receive a report for that month.

    Date/Time Specifies when to start sending subscriptions.
    Subject Specifies a subject to help identify the subscription when the UEM console delivers it.
    Message Defines the message to explain the subscription when the UEM console delivers it.