The My Devices page of the Self Service Portal provides access to detailed information about devices and enables users to perform a wide range of actions in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

The viewable tabs and available actions varies based on device platform. See the applicable platform guide, available on

Select a Language for the SSP

The Self-Service Portal automatically matches the browser default language. However, you can override this default setting by choosing from the Select Language drop-down on the login screen.

Log Into the SSP

Log in using the same credentials (Group ID, username and password) used to originally enroll in Workspace ONE UEM.

Change Your Password for the SSP

You may use the Account page to change the password associated with your Workspace ONE UEM account. This password will be used for device enrollment and logging into the SSP.

Change your password by selecting the Account button located at the top-right of the Self Service Portal screen. The User Account page displays allowing you to select the Change button next to the Current Password field.


If a device end user logs into the SSP to change a shared device passcode before it expires, this new passcode adpots the expiration time from the OG associated with the shared device, not the OG the end user is managed from.

For example, assume you have an OG structure with 'Parent' at the top and 'Child' underneath. Assume that the end user account is managed from 'Parent' with a passcode expiration of 90 days. Assume also that the shared device is managed by 'Child' with a passcode expiration of 30 days. In this scenario, when the end user logs into the Self Service Portal and changes the shared device passcode before it expires, the new passcode expiration goes from 90 days (Parent) to 30 days (Child).

The workaround is to ensure that you configure the shared device passcode on the OG the users are managed from.

As the admin, if you change the end user's shared device passcode in the Add/Edit User screen from the Workspace ONE UEM console, it correctly adopts the expiration time of the OG the end user is managed from.

Select a Device in the SSP

After logging in to the SSP, the My Devices page displays all the devices associated with the account. Each enrolled device appears in its own tab across the top of the Self Service Portal page. Select the tab representing the device you want to view and manage.

The device status is listed under the name of the device on the tab. Those statuses include Discovered, Enrolled, Pending Enrollment, Unenrolled, and Enterprise Wipe Pending.