Dynamic assignment is a feature that automatically assigns the telecom plans to enrolled devices that do not have a current plan, unless Allow Plan Replacement is selected. The telecom plan is dynamically assigned to the devices based on the criteria you determine while creating the dynamic assignment rules.


  1. Navigate to Telecom > Dynamic Assignment.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Configure the settings mentioned in the table below.
    Settings Description

    The sequence in which Workspace ONE UEM checks and assigns the dynamic rule against the enrolled devices. Workspace ONE UEM checks if the device meets the criteria of the rule with Rank 1. If the criteria does not match, then Workspace ONE UEM checks the same device against the rule with Rank 2. When all the criteria match, the device is assigned to the associated telecom plan.

    The rank is automatically populated when new rules are created.

    Organization Group The devices enrolled to the selected organization group are assigned with the telecom plan.
    User Group The devices enrolled to the selected user group are assigned with the telecom plan.
    Country/Carrier The devices with the selected carrier for the selected Country is assigned with the plan.
    Plan The telecom plan to be assigned to the device.
    Actions Select Delete Rule in the column of any rule to remove it from the dynamic assignment list.
    Allow Plan Replacement Check this box to allow the UEM console to reassign devices based on changes in any of the above criteria. When a device's plan is replaced, the device's stored usage history is removed.
  4. Select Save.