Before getting started with the Workspace ONE UEM Telecom Management solution, you must know the prerequisites to streamline the process. These prerequisites help you to experience the benefits of the product.


  • Telecom management can be enabled only in your topmost organization group.
  • In Android (Legacy) devices, the communication between the devices and the console (that is, sending samples and telecom usage data from device to console) happens in the presence of the telecom service application. This application gets installed automatically onto the device during the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub enrollment if the device is set to collect the Telecom usage information.
    Note: For Android Enterprise devices enrolled in work managed or COPE mode, the telecom sampler app must be installed manually to track telecom data.
  • In iOS/Blackberry devices, the samples from the devices are sent through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

More information on the telecom management is explained in the following sections.

A Note About iOS Devices Reporting Data Usage

If you configure Telecom Management in the UEM console and then enroll the iOS devices, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub immediately starts reporting the data usage under device details.

However, if iOS devices are enrolled first, and then you configure the Telecom Management, then the end user must select the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from their device to receive the new settings. If the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is not running on the device, then the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub must be launched to receive the new settings and to start collecting the Telecom usage data.

A best practice is to turn on the Background App Refresh setting in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple iOS > Hub Settings). This setting ensures the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, when running as a background app on the device, checks into the UEM console regularly. The regular check-in ensures that the settings are updated and Telecom usage data is collected. The end user is not required to launch the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. If the user closes the app or the device is rebooted, then the app must be relaunched to remain in the background.

Querying or reporting of the cellular data usage follows a frequency of once per day only.