Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch provides the Telecom Management solution to help you manage the individual policies for your mobile devices. Workspace ONE UEM offers two Telecom Management solutions, Telecom Foundational and Telecom Advanced.

Telecom Foundational solution is available as a standard feature of your Workspace ONE UEM console. Workspace ONE UEM preconfigures the data limits. Telecom Advanced solution provides more customization options. The Telecom Management capabilities for both foundational and advanced are detailed in the following table.

Functionality Foundational Advanced
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Telecom Device Details



This guide details the various functionalities of telecom management. As Telecom Advanced has more capabilities, this guide often discusses functionalities not available to Telecom Foundational users. To discuss the best Telecom management solution for your organization, contact the Workspace ONE UEM support.

Telecom Foundational

Telecom Foundational capabilities include the basic functionalities such as the ability to:

  • Track device data usage, voice usage, and SMS usage.
  • Control roaming such as the ability to disable the sync over the roaming.
  • View dashboard analytics.

Telecom Advanced

You can track telecom data in some ways using custom settings, profiles, and compliance policies from the UEM console such as:

  • Configure telecom plans with specific telecom data, voice, and messaging limits.
  • Assign plans manually or automatically to mobile assets based on multiple device attributes.
  • Configure telecom plans with the pooled usage for calls, messages, and data.
  • Perform compliance actions including end-user notifications, escalations, and device restrictions if usage limits are exceeded.