The administrator roles list view enables you to add, edit, compare, and maintain your library of roles for your entire admin base.

The Administrator Roles List View can be found by navigating to Accounts > Administrators > List View.

View Users

The View Users button enables you to see the Administrators List View, displaying a listing of all admins. Enable the check box to the left of the role name and then select the View Users button.

Delete Role

You can delete an unused role from your library of administrator roles. You cannot delete a role that is assigned to an admin. Select an unassigned role you want to delete and select the Delete button.

View the Resources of an Admin Role

You can view all the resources, or permissions, of any administrator role, including custom and default roles. This view can help you determine what an admin can, and cannot, do in the UEM console. For more information, see View the Resources of an Admin Role.

Edit Role

You can edit an existing role's name, description, and specific permissions. Select the pencil icon to the left of the role name from the listing and the Edit Role screen displays, enabling you to make changes.

Compare Two Roles

You can also compare the individual permissions settings between two roles. For more information, see Compare Admin Roles.