You can add Admin Accounts from the Administrators List View page, providing access to advanced features of the Workspace ONE UEM console and Workspace ONE Express. Each admin that maintains and supervises the console must have an individual account.


  1. Navigate to Accounts > Administrators > List View, select Add, then Add Admin. The Add/Edit Admin page displays.
  2. Under the Basic tab, for the User Type setting, select either Basic or Directory.
    • If you select Basic, then fill in all required settings on the Basic tab, including user name, password, First Name, and Last Name.
    • You can enable Two-Factor Authentication where you select between Email and SMS as a delivery method and the token expiration time in minutes.
    • You can also select a Notification option, choosing between None, Email, and SMS. The Admin receives an auto-generated response.
    • If you select Directory, then enter the Domain and user name of the admin user.
  3. Select the Details tab and enter additional information, if necessary.
  4. Select the Roles tab and then select the Organization Group followed by the Role you want to assign to the new admin. Add new roles by using Add Role.
  5. Select the API tab and choose the Authentication type.
  6. Select the Notes tab and enter additional Notes for the admin user.
  7. Select Save to create the admin account with the assigned role.