You can create application-based terms of use (TOU) to notify end users when a specific application collects data or when it imposes restrictions.

When users run these applications from your enterprise app catalog, they must accept the agreement to access the application. You can set TOU for app versions, make language-specific TOU, and remove apps if the TOU is not accepted.

Console TOU display when an administrator logs in to the Workspace ONE UEM console for the first time. For the UEM console, you can set TOU version numbers and create language-specific copies of the TOU. For Applications, assign the TOU when adding or editing an application using the Terms of Use tab.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Terms of Use.
  2. Select Add Terms of Use.
  3. Enter a Name for the terms of use and select the Type, which can be Console or Application.
  4. Configure settings such as a Version number and a Grace Period, depending on the Type you selected.
  5. Enter your TOU in the text box provided. The editor provides a basic text entry tool to create a TOU or paste in an existing TOU. If you are pasting text from an external source, right-click the text box and choose Paste as plain text to prevent any HTML or formatting errors.
  6. Select Save.