In addition to the preset Basic Access and Full Access roles, you can create customized roles. Having multiple user roles available fosters flexibility and can potentially save time when assigning roles to new users.


  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > Roles and select Add Role. The Add/Edit Role page displays.
  2. Enter a Name and Description, and select the Initial Landing Page of the SSP for users with this new role.
    For existing user roles, the default Initial Landing Page is the My Devices page.
  3. Select from a list of options the level of access and control end users of this assigned role have in the SSP.
    • Click Select None to clear all check boxes on the page.
    • Select all the check boxes on the page by selecting Select All.
  4. Save the changes to the role. The added user role now appears in the list on the Roles page.

What to do next

From the Roles page, you can view, edit, or delete roles.