Think of organization groups as individual branches on a family tree, with each leaf as a device user. Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch identifies each leaf and establishes its standing in the family tree using organization groups (OG). Most customers make OG trees look like their corporate hierarchy: Executives, Management, Operations, Sales, and so forth.

You can also establish OGs based on Workspace ONE UEM features and content.

You can access organization groups by navigating to Groups & Settings > Groups > Organization Groups > List View or through the organization group drop-down menu.

  • Build groups for entities within your organization (Management, Salaried, Hourly, Sales, Retail, HR, Exec, and so on).
  • Customize hierarchies with parent and child levels (for example, 'Salaried' and 'Hourly' as children under 'Management').
  • Integrate with multiple internal infrastructures at the tier level.
  • Delegate role-based access and management based on a multi-tenant structure.

Identify the Group ID for Any Organization Group

You can identify the group ID for any organization group by taking the following steps.

  1. Move to the organization group you want to identify by selecting it from the organization group drop-down menu.
  2. Hover your pointer over the OG label. A popup displays the name and group ID for the currently selected organization group.