You can manage your account settings in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, including personal user information, notification preferences, login history, and security configuration.


Ensure you can be reached by entering your personal information in the User tab including email, up to four different phone numbers, time zone, and locale.


Use the Notifications settings on the Account Settings page to enable or disable APNs Expiration alerts, select how to receive alerts, and change the email to which it sends alerts. For more information, see Configure Notifications Settings.


Review your entire login history including login date and time, the source IP address, login type, source applications, browser make and version, OS platform, and login status.


You can reset your login password, reset the password recovery questions, and reset your four-digit security PIN.


The Password accompanies your account user name when you log into the UEM console. You can Reset this password at any time.

Password Recovery Questions

The Password Recovery Questions are the method by which you reset your password. You must define this question together with its answer when you log in to the UEM console for the first time. You can select a new password recovery question by selecting the Reset button. This action logs out the user automatically. Upon logging back in, they are presented with the Security Settings screen where they are required to select from the list of Password Recovery Questions and supply the answer.

Admins who never selected a password recovery question and do not have a Reset button for Password Recovery Questions must have their accounts deleted and re-created. Upon logging in for the first time after their account is re-created, they are required to define a password recovery question and answer.

You are locked out from the login page when you answer a Password Recovery Question incorrectly more than three times. When this happens, you must reset your password using the troubleshooting link on the login page. Alternatively, you can get assistance from an admin to unlock your account using the Admin List View. You receive an email notification when your account is locked and again when it becomes unlocked.

Security PIN

Establish security for the UEM console by creating a Security PIN. The PIN acts as a safeguard against accidentally wiping a device or deleting important aspects of your environment, such as users and organization groups. The Security PIN also works as a second layer of security. It presents an added point of authentication by blocking actions made by unapproved users.

When you first log in to the UEM console, you are required to establish a Security PIN.

Reset your security PIN every so often to minimize security risks.

For more information about the login process, see Logging In to the UEM Console.