An alternative to custom user groups without active directory integration is through user group integration that applies your existing active directory structure, providing many benefits.

Once you import existing directory service user groups as Workspace ONE UEM user groups, you can perform the following.

  • User Management - Reference your existing directory service groups (such as security groups or distribution lists) and align user management in Workspace ONE UEM with the existing organizational systems.
  • Profiles and Policies - Assign profiles, applications, and policies across a Workspace ONE UEM deployment to groups of users.
  • Integrated Updates - Automatically update user group assignments based on group membership changes.
  • Management Permissions - Set management permissions to allow only approved administrators to change policy and profile assignments for certain user groups.
  • Enrollment - Allow users to enroll with existing credentials and automatically assign an organization group.

The administrator must designate an existing organization group as the primary root location from which the administrator manages devices and users. Directory services must be enabled at this root organization group.

You can add your existing directory service groups into Workspace ONE UEM. While integration does not immediately create user accounts for each of your directory service accounts, it ensures that Workspace ONE UEM recognizes them as user groups. You can use this group to restrict who can enroll.

For more information about adding directory user groups in bulk, see Batch Import User Groups.