You can configure external applications to use the core product functionality of Workspace ONE UEM by integrating REST APIs with the UEM infrastructure and facilitate connectivity. You can also select an OAuth token URL closest to your datacenter to authenticate API calls.

Getting Started with REST APIs

Using simplified REST software architecture, Workspace ONE UEM REST APIs currently support multiple functionalities, including organization group, console administration, mobile application, mobile device, email, enrollment user, profile, smart group, and user group management.

Using REST-based APIs provide several benefits to enterprises, including eliminated cost and time spent developing applications in-house. Workspace ONE UEM REST APIs are fully able and ready to integrate with enterprise servers, programs, and processes. Additionally, Workspace ONE UEM REST APIs are more efficient, can run smoothly and can be easily branded with enterprises. These APIs are intended for application developers, and this guide provides an understanding of design and architecture of the API library to facilitate custom development and integration with Workspace ONE UEM.

Access API Documentation

Access detailed API documentation by navigating to the Workspace ONE UEM API Help page.

Do this in SaaS environments by replacing the "cn" in your URL with "as" and then append /api/help after .com.

For example, API documentation for a SaaS environment's URL

Datacenter and Token URLs for OAuth 2.0 Support

Workspace ONE UEM supports the OAuth 2.0 industry standard protocol for secure authentication and authorization for REST API calls.

The Token URLs are region-specific.

Table 1. Region-Specific Token URLs
Region Workspace ONE UEM SaaS Data Center Location Token URL
Ohio (United States) All UAT environment
Virginia (United States) United States
Virginia (United States) Canada
Frankfurt (Germany) United Kingdom
Frankfurt (Germany) Germany
Tokyo (Japan) India
Tokyo (Japan) Japan
Tokyo (Japan) Singapore
Tokyo (Japan) Australia
Tokyo (Japan) Hong Kong