Some of the Workspace ONE UEM services can only be active on one primary console. Learn how to disable applicable services on additional servers.

Certain Workspace ONE UEM services must only be active on one primary console server to ensure maximum performance. If you deploy these services, disable them on non-primary servers after you have fully installed Workspace ONE UEM.

Workspace ONE UEM Services that must only be active on one server are:

  • AirWatch Device Scheduler

  • AirWatch GEM Inventory Service


This task is only applicable if you have multiple console servers.

Disable these services on any console servers other than the primary server:

  1. On your non-primary console servers, open the Server Manager.

  2. From the left pane, select Local Server and navigate to Tools > Services.

  3. The active Workspace ONE UEM Services at the top of the services appear in alphabetical order. For the AirWatch Device Scheduler, Directory Sync, Content Delivery Service, and AirWatch GEM Inventory Service, right-click and select Stop.

  4. When you upgrade your UEM console, the Content Delivery Service automatically restarts. Manually disable the applicable services again on all extra servers to maintain expected performance.