There are several database, application, and certificate prerequisites that must be met to achieve a successful on-premiss, Workspace ONE UEM installation. Learn more about componenet prerequisites and how to ensure they are met prior to installation.

Installing Workspace ONE UEM requires specific prerequisites and procedures for an on-premises solution. Make sure to meet the prerequisites before proceeding with the installation instructions.

Prepare for installation by completing the following:

  1. Database Server Prerequisites
  2. Application Server Prerequisites
  3. Run the Workspace ONE UEM Installer on Each Application Server (Console and Device Services)
  4. Reports Overview
  5. Create the Workspace ONE UEM Database
  6. Create the Workspace ONE UEM SQL Service Account and Assign DB Owner Roles
  7. Configure your Application Servers
  8. Configure Your Internal DNS Record and Certificates
  9. Configure Your External DNS Record and Certificates
  10. Stage Install Files

At any point in the installation process, you may see a prompt to reboot your system. Reboot as soon as possible. On reboot, the installer will automatically restart and proceed to the step where you left off so you can continue the installation process.