During the Workspace ONE UEM installation, your URLs populate on a system settings page. Learn more about how to verify your URLs have populated correctly.

The Workspace ONE UEM system settings have a page that displays your site URLs. Verify these values have populated correctly as part of the installation.

  1. Open a browser and access the console using the publicly signed URL.
  2. Verify the Workspace ONE UEM version by selecting About Workspace ONE UEM.
  3. Log in to the Workspace ONE UEM console by selecting a language, if applicable, and entering your credentials.
  4. Accept the terms of use.
  5. Define a Password Question and/or Security PIN.
  6. Verify Correct Site URL Population.
    • Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs and verify the URLs populated correctly.

      The only Site URL that might include “localhost” is the Peripheral Service URL. Google Play has a hostname connected to a port number.

  7. Change SOAP and REST API URLs from the UEM console URL to the Workspace ONE UEM Devices Services server URL:

    For example, https://acme-console.com /AirWatchServices becomes https://acme-ds.com /AirWatchServices and https://acme-console.com/API  becomes https://acme-ds.com/API.

    \Workspace ONE UEM recommends a standalone API server, for deployments of up to 100,000 devices and higher, in which case, change the Site URL to match your dedicated API server URL.