You must define a Geofencing area before you can apply one to a device.


  1. Access the Area settings page by navigating to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Settings > Areas.
    System Settings displays.
  2. Select the Geofencing Area button.
  3. Enter an Address and the Radius of the geofence in kilometers or miles.
    You can double-click any area on the map to set the central location.
  4. Select Click to Search to send the entered address as a search parameter to Bing maps. If the search is successful, the map view updates to display the entered location with the address as the epicenter of the geofence.
    Note: Integration with Bing maps requires that "insecure content" is loaded on this page. If a location search does not load as expected, you might need to allow "Show all Content" for your browser.
  5. Enter the Area Name (how it appears in the Workspace ONE UEM console) and select Save.

What to do next

Next, you must apply a geofence to a profile. For more information, see Apply a Geofence to a Profile.