Once you have added a Geofencing area, you can apply it to a profile and combine it with other payloads to create more robust profiles.

If a user manually disables location services on their iOS device, Workspace ONE UEM can no longer collect location updates. Workspace ONE UEM considers the device to be in the location where services were disabled.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles and locate the profile you want to apply a geofence to.
  2. Select the Edit pencil icon () of the profile.
  3. Select Install only on devices inside selected areas on the General tab. If this checkbox is disabled, select the Add Version button. Making a new version means republishing the profile.
    An Assigned Geofence Areas box displays. If no Geofence Area has been defined, the menu directs you back to the Geofence Area creation menu.
  4. Enter one or multiple Geofencing areas to this profile.
  5. Configure a payload such as Passcode, Restrictions, or Wi-Fi that you want to apply only while devices are inside the selected Geofencing areas.
  6. Select Save & Publish.


For example, you can define geofence areas around each of your offices. Then add a Restrictions payload that disallows access to the Game Center, multiplayer gaming, YouTube content, and other settings. Once activated, employees of the organization group to whom the profile is applied no longer have access to these functions while in the office.