Not all compliance policy rules apply to all platforms managed by Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch. The Add a Compliance Policy page is platform-based so you see only the compliance policy rules and actions that apply to your device.

Use the following table to determine which rules are available to deploy to your devices.

Compliance Policy Android and Android Legacy Apple iOS Apple macOS Chrome OS QNX Windows Rugged Windows 10 Desktop
Application List
Antivirus Status
Cell Data Usage
Cell Message Usage
Cell Voice Usage
Compliance Attribute
Compromised Status
Device Last Seen
Device Manufacturer
Firewall Status
Free Disk Space
iBeacon Area
Interactive Certificate Profile Expiry
Last Compromised Scan
MDM Terms of Use Acceptance
OS Version
Roaming *
Roaming Cell Data Usage *
Security Patch Version
SIM Card Change *
System Integrity Protection
Windows Automatic Update Status
Windows Copy Genuine Validation
Note: * Only available for Telecom Advanced Users.