To understand Compliance Profiles in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, you must have a full understanding of device profiles and compliance policies. Device profiles serve as the foundation for device management and security while compliance policies act as a security gate protecting corporate content.

Device profiles grant you control over a wide range of device settings. These settings include passcode complexity, Geofencing, time schedules, device hardware functionality, Wi-Fi, VPN, Email, Certificates, and many more.

The compliance engine monitors rules, enforces actions, and applies escalations (all of which you define). Compliance profiles, however, seek to provide the compliance engine with all the options and settings ordinarily available only to device profiles. For more information, see Compliance Policies.

For example, you can make a special device profile that is identical to your normal device profile, only with more restrictive settings. You can then apply this special device profile in the Actions tab when you define your compliance policy. With such an arrangement, if the user fails to make their device compliant, you can apply the more restrictive compliance profile.