You can see information for a single device and access user and device management actions quickly by viewing the Device Details page in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Access Device Details by selecting a device friendly name from one of the available Dashboards, or by using the available search tools in the Workspace ONE UEM console. A Friendly Name is the label you assign to a device to help you differentiate it from devices of the same make and model.

The main page features several major sections.

  • Notification Badges – Displays the Compromised State, Compliance Violations, Enrollment Date, time Last Seen for the selected device, and GPS/Location Service Availability (for Android devices only).
  • Security – Displays security settings such as which management software was used for enrollment, passcode status, and data protections.
    • If you enroll a device with the Browser Web app or Container app and later download and run the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on the device, the 'Managed by Container' indicator changes to 'Hub Registered' to reflect the presence of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  • User Info – Displays basic user information including full name and email.
  • Device Info – Displays device details such as organization group, location, smart groups, serial number, UDID, asset number, power status, storage capacity, physical memory, warranty information, last reboot time (Android only), and device tags in alphabetical order. Battery health applies to Zebra Android devices only.
  • Profiles – Displays all profiles such as installed (active), assigned (inactive), and unmanaged (sideloaded).
  • Apps – Displays all installed apps, both automatic apps and on-demand apps.
  • Content – Displays content marked as 'Required' by the administrator in the Workspace ONE UEM Managed Repository and in the admin repository.
  • Certifications – Displays all installed certificates, including certifications near their expiration date.
  • Admin Applications – Displays the installed Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub information including version number.
  • Zebra Battery Information (for Zebra Android devices only) – Displays detailed battery information including battery health, manufacture date, serial number, and part number.

Device Details Dashboard

The dashboard displays basic device information such as the device friendly name. Other detailed information includes device type, device model, OS version number, ownership type, device action button cluster, and Recent List indicator.

Selecting the arrow buttons in the Recent List indicator changes the selected device based on its position in the filtered List View.

You can also initiate a Remote Assist session on qualifying devices. For details, see Remote Assist.