Before you can move devices across organization groups (OG) and user names based on an Internet protocol (IP) or custom attribute, you must enable device assignments in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch. Device assignments can only be configured at a child organization group.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Advanced and select Override or Inherit for the Current Setting according to your needs.
    The screenshot shows the Devices & Users > General > Advanced setting that allows you to enable device assignments.
  2. Select Enabled in the Device Assignment Rules setting.
  3. Choose the management Type.
    • Organization Group By IP Range – Moves the device to a specified OG when the device leaves one Wi-Fi network range and enters another. This move triggers the automatic push of profiles, apps, policies, and products.
    • Organization Group By Custom Attribute – Moves the device to an organization group based on custom attributes.

      Custom attributes enable administrators to extract specific values from a managed device and return it to the Workspace ONE UEM console. You can also assign the attribute value to devices for use in product provisioning or device lookup values.

      • When Organization Group By Custom Attribute is enabled, a link appears entitled Click Here To Create Custom Attribute Based Assignment Rule. When selected, this link opens another tab in your browser. This tab displays the Custom Attribute Assignment Rules page, enabling you to create your own attribute assignment rules. For more information, see Assign Organization Groups Using Custom Attributes.
    • User name By IP Range – When a device exits one network and enters another, the device changes user names instead of moving to another OG. This user name change triggers the same push of profiles, apps, policies, and products as an OG change does. This option is for customers with a limited ability to create organization groups, providing an alternate way to take advantage of the device assignment feature.
      Important: If you want to change the assignment Type on an existing assignment configuration, you must delete all existing defined ranges. Remove IP Range assignments by navigating to Groups & Settings > Groups > Organization Groups > Network Ranges. Remove custom attribute assignments by navigating to Devices > Provisioning > Custom Attributes > Custom Attribute Assignment Rules.
  4. Choose the Device Ownership options. Only devices with the selected ownership types are assigned.
    • Corporate – Dedicated
    • Corporate – Shared
    • Employee Owned
    • Undefined
  5. You can add a network range by selecting the link, Click here to create a network range.
    You can alternatively visit this page by navigating to Groups & Settings > Groups > Organization Groups > Network Ranges. The Network Ranges settings selection is only visible if Device Assignments has been enabled for the Organization Group you are in when you visit this location. For more information, see Define Device Assignment Rule or Network Range.
    When selected, the Network Ranges page is displayed.
  6. Select Save once all the options are set.