Directing end users to register their own devices might be preferable if you are unsure of the device details during setup. Alternately, if you have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) deployment in effect, such a directive might be prudent.

If you are supporting BYOD in your deployment, then direct end users to register their own devices before enrolling into Workspace ONE UEM. You can take this step and still require devices to be registered before users enroll. If you want to track enrollment or use registration tokens, then require users with corporate owned devices to register. In either case, you must notify your end users of the process.

The following instructions assume that the end user has Workspace ONE UEM credentials, either from their existing directory service credentials or from a previously activated User Account. If you opted to enroll with directory services without manually adding users, you must not have any user accounts already created.

If you want end users to register devices, you must send an email or notification to each user group outside of Workspace ONE UEM with registration instructions.

If you enabled registration tokens for enrollment authentication, the token is sent to the user in the selected message.

  • Send an email or intranet notification to users outside of Workspace ONE UEM with the registration instructions. Ensure that enrollment authentication is enabled for Active Directory or Authentication Proxy by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Authentication.

    Verify that the setting Deny Unknown Users is deselected by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Restrictions.

  • Create user accounts that allow all end users to register their devices, and then send user account activation messages to each user containing the registration instructions.

Both options require you to provide basic information to end users.

  • Where to Register – End users can register by navigating to the Self-Service Portal URL. This URL follows the structure of https://<AirWatchEnvironment > /MyDevice where <AirWatchEnvironment > is the enrollment URL. For more information, see Direct Users to Self-Register.
  • How to Authenticate into the Self-Service Portal – End users need the Group ID, user name, and password to log in to the Self-Service Portal (SSP).