If you want to proceed with registering devices before enrollment, consider the following.

Who Will Register Devices?

An important consideration when registering devices is deciding who performs the actual device registration.

  • What is the total number of devices in your deployment? In large deployments of thousands of devices, you can add this information to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. You then upload this file before devices are provisioned. You can also pass on the act of device registration onto the end user.
  • Do you support a BYOD program where employees can use their personal devices? If you opt to restrict enrollment to only registered devices, you must give employees instructions on how to register their devices.

End-User Device Registration Through the SSP

You can direct end users to register their own devices before enrolling into Workspace ONE UEM if you are supporting BYOD. You can also require users with corporate owned devices to register if you want to track enrollment or use registration tokens. In either case, you must notify your end users of the process they need to follow.

The following instructions assume that the end user has Workspace ONE UEM credentials, either from their existing directory service credentials or from a previously activated User Account. If you opted for enrolling with directory services without manually adding users, you will not have any user accounts already created.

In this case, if you want end users to register devices, you must send an email or intranet notification to each user group outside of Workspace ONE UEM with the registration instructions.

If you enabled registration tokens for enrollment authentication, they are sent to the user using the selected message type.

Restricting Enrollment to Registered Devices Only

At this point, regardless of whether administrators or end users have registered devices, you can restrict enrollment to only registered devices. To do this, navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment and select Registered Devices Only.

Tracking Enrollment Status

Once devices are registered, you can track enrollment statuses by navigating to the Device Dashboard page and selecting the Enrollment chart, which lets you filter based on enrollment status. You can also access the Monitor, which lists devices recently enrolled.

  • Register Individual Devices – Enter important device and asset information such as friendly name for easy recognition in the UEM console, model, operating system, serial number, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), and asset number. This process can also be the final step when adding a single user by selecting Save and Add Device rather than Save.
  • Register Multiple Devices – Similar to adding users in bulk, this process streamlines the device registration process when adding multiple devices at a time. It can be included with the Bulk User Account Creation process.
  • End User Device Registration – You can direct end users to register their own devices before enrolling into Workspace ONE UEM if you are supporting BYOD in your deployment. This arrangement is compatible with requiring devices to be registered before users can enroll.

For more information, see Enable Registration Tokens and Create a Default Message.

User Group Synchronization During Enrollment

If you intend to organize your application assignments, device profile assignments, compliance policy assignments, or user mappings around user groups, then consider keeping the User Group Sync setting enabled which is its default setting. This setting causes Workspace ONE to make a real-time call to the authentication server each time a device record is created.

For more information, see the User Group Sync section in Configure Enrollment Options on Grouping Tab.