Directory service enrollment refers to the process of integrating Workspace ONE UEM with your organization's directory service infrastructure. Integrating your directory service in this manner means you can import users automatically and, optionally, user groups such as security groups and distribution lists.

When integrating with a directory service such as Active Directory (AD), you have options for how you import users.

  • Allow all directory users to enroll – You can allow all your directory service users to enroll. Also, you can set up your environment to auto discover users based on their email. Then create a Workspace ONE UEM user account for them when they perform an enrollment.
  • Add users one by one – After integrating with a directory service, you can add users individually in the same manner as creating basic Workspace ONE UEM user accounts. The only difference is you must enter their user name and select Check User to auto populate remaining information from your directory service.
  • Batch upload a CSV file – Using this option, you can import a list of directory services accounts in a CSV (comma-separated values) template file. This file has specific columns, some of which cannot be left blank.
  • Integrate with user groups (Optional) – With this method, you can use your existing user group memberships to assign profiles, apps, compliance policies, and so on.
Note: For information about how to integrate your Workspace ONE UEM environment with your directory service, refer to the VMware AirWatch Directory Services Guide. If you are considering integrating Workspace ONE UEM with a SAML provider, refer to the VMware AirWatch SAML Integration Guide, both available on