With Workspace ONE ™ Direct Enrollment enabled, logging into the enrollment organization group using a qualifying device and user with the Workspace ONE app means that you are immediately enrolled.

Your users are also given the chance to install apps immediately which your company finds useful. Alternately, they can skip this step in favor of installing the app later. To enroll a device with Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment, the end user takes the following steps.


  1. Download, install, and run the Workspace ONE app from the platform-specific app store or repository.
  2. Enter the server URL or email address.
  3. Enter your directory services user name and password.
  4. Install or enable Workspace Services by selecting affirmative steps specific to your platform.
    1. iOS – allow the server to open Settings, enter your device passcode, install an unsigned device profile, and open a screen in Workspace.
    2. Android Legacy – Install Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, allow it to make and manage phone calls, select ownership for your device with an option to enter the device asset number, activate the device admin application, then sign into Workspace ONE.
    3. Android Enterprise – Accept (or decline) the terms of use agreement, set up the work profile, and create the Workspace ONE passcode.
  5. When Workspace ONE finishes the install routine, you can Continue to install apps.
  6. You can install individual apps selected from a list, Install all, or Skip this step entirely.