A privacy notice in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch informs your end users about what data you collect from their devices based on their device type, deployment type, and ownership type.

Privacy Notice Configuration

Privacy notices are automatically delivered based on the organization group and device ownership of the device connecting. You may choose to display a privacy notice for each ownership type: Employee Owned, Corporate - Dedicated, Corporate - Shared, and Unknown.

Privacy Notice Deployment

When you assign an ownership type to receive privacy notices, all users in the selected ownership type receive the privacy notification immediately as a Web clip. If you inserted the privacy notice lookup value PrivacyNotificationUrl in your message template, then the message includes a URL where the user can read the privacy notice.

Users receive the privacy notice automatically if:

  • They enroll a new device and they are of an ownership type for which the privacy notice is enabled.
  • They currently use an enrolled device and their ownership is changed post-enrollment to a type that is assigned the Web clip.

To learn how to deploy a privacy notice as part of a device activation, see Register an Individual Device.