Unenrolled devices may or may not be viewed in the Workspace ONE UEM console depending upon whether they were registered or held an enrolled status in the past. You can also get access to troubleshooting logs made before a device's unenrollment from the UEM console.

Unenrolled Status

An unenrolled device is a device in one of three possible scenarios.

  1. The device is new to Workspace ONE UEM and is not registered, not enrolled, and therefore not managed. A device in this scenario cannot be seen in the UEM console.
  2. The new device has begun the Workspace ONE enrollment process and is registered with the UEM console but not yet fully enrolled. This scenario normally occurs during a wave of new enrollments where devices are registered as a way of restricting enrollment. The mechanism that allows registered devices to enroll is a device allowlist. A device in this state can be seen by the UEM console with the status 'unenrolled'. Given that a registered device is traditionally a part of the enrollment process, a device does not remain in this scenario for long.
  3. A device can also become unenrolled if the device end user manually removes the MDM profile from the device.

For more information, see Deleting Devices.