During the SEG v2 installation, by default, SEG v2 dynamically configures a portion of the system RAM as the maximum heap allocation.

Note: The JVM heap allocation configuration does not block all the allocated memory. Instead, the configuration defines the maximum limit on the Java heap memory. The Java process starts with the minimum required amount of memory. Based on the requirement, the process might consume more memory from the allocation. The JVM periodically runs garbage collection to free up the space.

You can configure a specific amount of memory for the SEG java process to override the default behavior:

  • For SEG version 2.17.0 (UAG 20.09) and Workspace ONE UEM Console 20.10 or higher: Override the default memory allocation using the custom gateway settings key -Xmx. To reflect the changes made, restart the service. For more information about the custom gateway settings, see the SEG Custom Gateway Settings topic.
  • For SEG version 2.16.0 (UAG 3.10) or Workspace ONE UEM Console 20.06 and earlier: To configure a property value to override the default memory allocation, perform the following steps:
  1. In the application-override.properties file, add the following entry: custom.heap.memory.allocation.in.mb=<value in MiB>

    The value is represented in MiB. For example, you can configure 8 GiB of RAM as custom.heap.memory.allocation.in.mb=8192.

  2. For Windows deployment, rerun the SEG installer. For SEG on UAG, resave the edge service settings.