This procedure describes the steps to enable system logs (syslogs) to capture the SEG logs on a Windows platform.

After a SEG upgrade, repeat the steps to set the syslog properties.


  1. Navigate to the SEG installation directory: {SEG_DIRECTORTY}/service/conf.
  2. Edit the segServiceWrapper.conf file.
  3. Check for the following properties to enable syslog:
  4. Set the property to
  5. Configure syslog, enable the following syslog properties, and remove the # before the properties.

    The syslog configuration in logback.xml directs the logs to the syslog host.

    The syslog configuration in logback.xml uses the port 514 on UDP by default.

    The syslog configuration in logback.xml uses the USER as the default facility.

    The app.log is directed to the syslog server by default.

  6. Configure syslog for other loggers and add the syslog appender in the logger element.
    <if condition="${syslog.enabled}">
            <appender-ref ref="SYSLOG_ASYNC"/>
  7. Restart the SEG service.
    Note: For SEG version 2.17.0 or later, with the Workspace ONE UEM console version 20.10 and later, perform the SEG configuration using the custom gateway settings. To understand the SEG custom gateway settings, see the SEG Custom Gateway Settings topic.

    For SEG version before 2.17.0, SEG continues to use the default configuration (pre-defined configuration). If the custom settings feature is not available, manually update the respective files at the individual node and modify the SEG configuration.