Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is a communication protocol designed for email, calendar, and contacts synchronization between the email server and the mobile devices. Configure the EAS profile on the UEM console such that the devices fetches the mails through the SEG server instead of the EAS server.


  1. Navigate to the Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles on the UEM console, and then select Add to create a new profile.
  2. Select a device platform.
    If you are leveraging the SEG for multiple device operating systems, you must create a similar profile for each platform.
  3. Enter the information about the profile on the General tab and assign the profile to the applicable organization groups and smart groups. Keep the assignment type as Auto or Optional.
  4. Select Exchange ActiveSync and select Configure. Configure the following parameters to access corporate mail through the SEG.
    1. Select the Mail Client that your organization intends for end users to utilize from the drop-down menu.
    2. Ensure the Exchange ActiveSync Host is the host name of the SEG server and not the Exchange server.
    3. Leverage lookup values so each user can get their own distinct email.
      Leave the Password field blank. This prompts the end user to enter a password after the profile is installed on the device.
  5. Click Save and Publish to begin using secure mobile email.

What to do next

Create additional profiles for each device platform for which you want to provision mobile email.