You can migrate any Workspace ONE Express Blueprint you published before configuring Android EMM Registration to ensure that the Blueprint is pushed to your enrolled Android Enterprise devices.


  1. Navigate to Blueprints > List View and locate the Blueprint you want to migrate.
  2. Select the App tile and begin migrating applications.
    Applications for Android Enterprise require an approval process. Therefore, any applications you added to Android Blueprints before registering with Android Enterprise must be searched for in the Google Play Store, downloaded again, and readded to the migrated Blueprint.
    1. Select the Add App button.
    2. Select the Add button under Public App. Web applications do not need to be migrated.
    3. Select the check mark for Android and deselect the check marks for Apple and Windows Desktop.
    4. Enter the name of the application to be readded in the text box and select Search.
      Search results display from the Google Play Store.
    5. Select the specific application you want to add to the Blueprint and select the green Approve button.
      A separate popup window displays containing a list of elements the application has access to.
    6. Review this access list and select Approve again to proceed and add the application to the Blueprint.
    7. Another popup window displays containing Approval Settings and Notifications. Select the settings and notification options you want to enable and select Save to add the application to your Blueprint.
    8. Set App Delivery by selecting On Demand or Automatic.
    9. Select Done, select View Applications, then select Done again.
      This process consolidates the old application and the new, readded application into one, single application which is then pushed to both Android Enterprise and legacy Android devices.
  3. Select the Resources panel and begin migrating Email and Wi-Fi resources.
    1. Select Edit and change the existing Email configuration.
      The Configure Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Email screen appears. You are not required to change any of the options to migrate it. You only have to load it and immediately save it.
    2. Select Save Changes.
    3. Do the same thing for Wi-Fi resources. Select Edit and immediately select Save Changes.
  4. Select the Policies panel and begin migrating the policy configuration.
    1. Just like before, you must only select Edit Policies and immediately select Save Changes.


You have successfully migrated a Blueprint you made for devices enrolled as Android (Legacy) and applied it to devices enrolled as Android Enterprise.