Before you begin managing devices with Workspace ONE Express, acquaint yourself with the Admin Console buttons and panels containing the most helpful information about your device fleet.

Collapse and Expand the Main Menu

Collapse or close the secondary menu, which creates more space on the screen for device information, by selecting the bottom-left arrow . To expand or reopen the secondary menu, select the modified right arrow .

Exporting Reports

You can export reports in the default Excel format (XLSX) or a comma-separated values format (CSV) of the exported list views from two locations in Workspace ONE Express.

  • Enrollment Status List View, which is found by navigating to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status.
  • Device List View, which is found by navigating to Devices > List View.

Save the exported listings by selecting the Export button from these locations.

You can view and download these reports for viewing with Excel by navigating to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Exports.