The Main Menu in Workspace ONE Express allows you to navigate to all the features available to your role and Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment.

Monitor View and manage MDM information that drives decisions you must make and access a quick overview of your device fleet.
Blueprints Manage the applications, resources, and policies that you have created and assigned to users, user groups, and their devices with the Blueprints List View. Perform edits to any individual blueprint element, add a blueprint, and delete unused blueprints.
Devices Access a dashboard overview of common aspects of devices in your fleet. Display and customize the view of an entire list of all devices in your deployment and filter them by platform, ownership type, OS version, and more.
Accounts Survey and manage users and administrators involved with your MDM deployment. Access and manage user groups, roles, enrollment status, and settings associated with your users.
Groups & Settings Configure system settings for the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and Directory Services. Request and renew Apple Push Notification Service certificates.