The type of authentication in Workspace ONE Express you select depends on the amount of administrator setup work and the number of login steps by the end user at enrollment.

If you want the enrollment process to be as simple as possible for the end user, the administrator must do more work to set it up. Likewise, a lighter workload for the administrator means that there is more setup to do by the end user.

Basic User Accounts

You can use Basic Authentication to identify users in the Workspace ONE Express architecture but this method offers no integration to existing corporate user accounts.


  • Basic users require no enterprise infrastructure.
  • Requires no technical integration.


  • Offers no federated security and no single sign-on.
  • Credentials for basic users only exist in Workspace ONE Express and do not necessarily match existing corporate credentials.
  • Basic user names and passwords are stored in Workspace ONE Express.

Directory User Accounts

Active Directory (AD)/Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication is used to integrate user and admin accounts of Workspace ONE Express with existing corporate accounts.


  • Directory users authenticate with existing corporate credentials.
  • Secure method of integrating with LDAP/AD.
  • Standard integration practice.


  • Requires an active directory or other LDAP server.