You can use the Notifications settings page in Workspace ONE Express to enable or disable APNs Expiration alerts. You can also select whether to receive console alerts, email alerts, or both, and change the email address to which it sends alerts.


  1. Select the Account button, which is accessible from almost every page on the Workspace ONE Express Console, then select Manage Account Settings and click the Notifications tab.
    You can also access the notification settings page by selecting the gear icon located in the lower-right corner of the Notifications pop-up screen.
  2. Complete the notification settings.
    Setting Description
    APNs Expiration Trigger alerts when APNs licenses expire or are in jeopardy of expiring.
    Notification Select the notification delivery method. Select from Console, Email, or Both.
    Send email to Enter the email address for when Email or Both is selected in Notification.
  3. Save or Cancel your changes.