You can enable Samsung Knox devices to be remotely controlled with Workspace ONE Assist by installing the Knox Service Plugin.

With the introduction of Knox version 3.4.1, Samsung has enabled remote control on non premium Work Profiles by default. This is available on Samsung devices running Android 10.0 and later.


The Samsung Knox Service Plugin is only available on Android 9.0 (Pie) and later. The only deployment modes supported are Profile Owner (PO) and Device Owner (DO). For detailed compatibility information, see Which Profile/Ownerships Work with Samsung Knox.


  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE UEM Console.
  2. Navigate to Apps and Books > Applications > Native, select the Public tab, and then select Add Application.
  3. Select Android as the platform and enter "Knox Service Plugin" for the Name option.
  4. Select the Knox Service Plugin from the list of applications.
  5. Click the Select button.
  6. Add additional details as needed. Select Save and Assign to continue.
  7. Select Add Assignment.
  8. Select your applicable assignment Groups.
  9. Select the desired application delivery method: Auto and automatically apply the application assignment and On Demand to allow the device user to opt-out of the app assignment.
  10. Select CONFIGURE next to Application Configuration.
  11. Enter the KNOX Premium License Key.

    The Knox premium license key is mandatory to enable remote control within the work profile on Android 9.x.

  12. Select CONFIGURE next to Work profile policies (Profile Owner).
  13. Select the Enable drop-down next to Enable Work Profile Policies. Then enable the two options under Advanced restrictions in work profile and Allow remote control. Then select the ADD button.
  14. Select Add again to save the assignment.
  15. Finally, select Save and Publish to publish the Knox Service Plugin with the configured policies.


Once the Knox Service Plugin is installed on the device and the policies are applied successfully, remote control is available within the work profile.

Samsung Knox devices can now be remotely controlled using Workspace ONE Assist.

Note: On Samsung BYOD devices, only applications in the Work Profile can be viewed and controlled. If you navigate to the Work profile home screen or personal side of a Samsung BYOD device during a Workspace ONE Assist session, it only displays a blank screen.

What to do next

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