If the Remote Management CN text box is empty from step 5 of Generate Workspace ONE Assist Certificates or step 3 of Configure Multi-Workspace ONE UEM Environment Support, you can run an SQL script against the database to create the Remote Management CN manually.


  1. Open the Remote Management Certificate Generator.
    You must run this generator as an administrator.
  2. Select the Question Mark button.
  3. Copy the displayed text.
    This text is the SQL script to run against the Workspace ONE UEM Database.
  4. Switch to the Workspace ONE UEM Database server and open SQL Server Management Studio.
  5. Create a query with the copied text.
  6. On the first line of the query, replace the NULL value with the GroupID for the customer type OG that you want to use.
    The OG you select must be a customer type, it cannot be of any other type including global, partner, container, and so on.


    DECLARE @GroupID NVARCHAR(20) = 'RemoteManagement';
  7. In the Results, copy the created Remote Management CN.

What to do next

The Remote Management CN is used to generate the root and intermediate certificates for Remote Management. Return to Step 5 of Generate the Workspace ONE Assist Certificates or Step 3 of Configure Multi-Workspace ONE UEM Environment Support.