If you have chosen not to retain the password in the Workspace ONE UEM database, disable the default settings which encrypts and stores the Google password in the Workspace ONE UEM database.

The Email Compliance policies are not applicable for this type of integration. By default, unmanaged devices are blocked.
Note: Workspace ONE UEM provisions passwords to devices during enrollment regardless of the MEM settings. The MDM compliance policies determines this approach.


You must have configured the initial Gmail settings.


  1. Navigate to Email > Settings and select the wrench icon.
  2. Disable the Use Recommended Settings check box to configure the Google Apps Settings options.
    By default, this option is enabled to encrypt and to store the Google password in the Workspace ONE UEM database.

    If a user has two devices enrolled and one of the devices unenrolls, the Google password resets and a new generated password is pushed to the device that is enrolled.

  3. Once you disable the Use Default Settings check box, configure the options.
    Setting Description
    Google Random Password Length Enter the preferred random password length. Minimum accepted character is 8 and maximum is 100.
    Password Retention Period Enter the number of hours the password should be retained temporarily for management purposes. The retention ensures that all the enrolled devices belonging to a user receives the password. The default value is 48. The minimum accepted character is 1 and maximum is 100.
    Auto-rotate Google Password Select this check box to reset the password once within the specific period. The Scheduler runs to check if any user's password need to be reset within the specified period. The minimum accepted character is 1 and maximum is 90.
    Auto-rotate Google Password Period Enter the specific period to reset the Google password. The default period is 30 days.
  4. Click Save.