The Direct Integration using Password Management deployment does not involve SEG integration, thus, the Email and Attachment Policies are not applicable.

If using the password retention approach, you can use the compliance policies and the Email Dashboard to manage the devices and view the device status. If you choose not to retain the password, then the email policies are not applicable and the device status is not displayed on the Email Dashboard.

With Password Retention

  • Managed Device Polices

    Activate the following policies from Email > Compliance Policies page. .

    • Inactivity – Allows you to prevent inactive, managed devices from accessing email. You can specify the number of days a device shows up as inactive (that is, does not check in to Workspace ONE), before email access is cut off.
    • Device Compromised – Allows you to prevent compromised devices from accessing email. Note that this policy does not block email access for devices that have not reported compromised status to Workspace ONE.
    • Encryption – Allows you to prevent email access for unencrypted devices. Note that this policy is applicable only to devices that have reported data protection status to Workspace ONE.
    • Model – Allows you to restrict email access based on the Platform and Model of the device.
    • Operating System – Allows you to restrict email access to a set of operating systems for specific platforms.
    • Require ActiveSync Profile - Allows you to restrict email access to devices whose email is managed through an Exchange ActiveSync profile.
  • Email Dashboard

    Access the Email Dashboard page from Email > Dashboard. The Actions drop-down menu provides a single location to perform multiple actions on the device. Select the check box corresponding to a device to perform actions on it.

    • Whitelist - Allows a device to receive emails
    • Blacklist - Blocks a device from receiving emails
    • Default - Allows or blocks a device based on whether the device is compliant or non-compliant

Without Password Retention

  • Device Compliance Policies

    In this type of deployment, email compliance policies are not applicable. You can only assign the device compliance policies that are available at Devices > Compliance Policies > List View. You can set these policies as 'Remove EAS Profile' to ensure removal of email connectivity once the device is found to be non compliant.

  • Device Dashboard

    In this type of deployment, Email Dashboard does not display the devices. You can view and manage devices of this deployment through the Device Dashboard available at Devices > Dashboard.