Email migration to Secure Email Gateway (SEG) enables users to access emails only through the SEG proxy.

Using SEG enforces email access control policies, giving access only to approved users and devices. Attachment encryption policies ensure data security.


  1. Configure SEG at your required organization group under Global in the Workspace ONE UEM console. .
  2. Download and install SEG..
  3. Test the SEG functionality using the email compliance policy.
    1. Disable all compliance policies temporarily.
    2. Ask all users to enroll their devices into Workspace ONE UEM.
    3. Provision a new email profile (with the SEG server URL as the hostname) to all the enrolled devices.
    4. Periodically, remind users with unmanaged devices to enroll into Workspace ONE UEM.
    5. To block EAS access to the mail server on a specific date, modify firewall (or Threat Management Gateway) rules. It ensures that mobile devices are blocked from accessing the mail server directly.
    6. Enable all compliance policies.
    Existing Webmail, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and other email clients can continue to access the mail server.