You can secure your devices and sync the devices with Exchange or Office 365 for emails by migrating to PowerShell.

PowerShell discovers managed and unmanaged devices and with the help of email access control policies gives access to only approved users and devices.


  1. Configure PowerShell integration at your required organization group under Global in the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  2. Configure the integration with user groups (either custom or pre-defined).
  3. Test the PowerShell functionality with a subset of users (for example, test users) to ensure the following features work
    1. Syncing with the email server to discover devices.
    2. Access control in real time.
  4. Disable all compliance policies temporarily.
  5. Provision a new email profile for all devices that have enrolled into Workspace ONE UEM, with the email server hostname.
  6. Sync with the email server to discover all devices (managed and unmanaged) that are syncing for email.
  7. Periodically remind users with unmanaged devices to enroll into Workspace ONE UEM.
  8. Activate and enforce compliance rules to block email access from all non-compliant devices on a specific date including the unmanaged devices.
  9. Set up the email server to block all devices by default.

    The Email dashboard displays the list of unmanaged devices as blocked and managed devices that are allowed for email.