Create an Exchange ActiveSync profile to give Windows Desktop devices access to your Exchange ActiveSync server for email and calendar use.

Note: Workspace ONE UEM does not support Outlook 2016 for Exchange ActiveSync profiles. Exchange Web Services (EWS) profile configuration for Outlook Application on a Windows Desktop device through Workspace ONE UEM is no longer supported with Microsoft Exchange 2016 version.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View > Add and select Add Profile.
  2. Select Windows and choose Windows Desktop as the platform.
  3. Select User Profile.
  4. Configure the profile General settings.
  5. Select the Exchange ActiveSync payload.
  6. Configure the Exchange ActiveSync settings:
    Settings Descriptions
    Mail Client

    Select the Mail Client that the EAS profile configures.

    Workspace ONE UEM supports the Native Mail Client.

    Account Name Enter the name for the Exchange ActiveSync account.
    Exchange ActiveSync Host Enter the URL or IP Address for the server hosting the EAS server.
    Use SSL Enable to send all communications through the Secure Socket Layer.

    Enter the email domain.

    The profile supports lookup values for inserting enrollment user login information. For more information, see the Username and Password section at the bottom of the page.

    Username Enter the email user name.
    Email Address Enter the email address. This text box is a required setting.
    Password Enter the email password.
    Identity Certificate Select the certificate for the EAS payload. See Configure a Credentials Payload for more information.
    Next Sync Interval (Min)

    Select the frequency, in minutes, that the device syncs with the EAS server.

    Past Days of Mail to Sync

    Select how many days of past emails sync to the device.

    Diagnostic Logging Enable to log information for troubleshooting purposes.
    Require Data Protection Under Lock Enable to require data to be protected when the device is locked.
    Allow Email Sync Enable to allow the syncing of email messages.
    Allow Contacts Sync Enable to allow the syncing of contacts.
    Allow Calendar Sync Enable to allow the syncing of calendar events.
  7. Select Save to keep the profile in the Workspace ONE UEM console or Save & Publish to push the profile to the devices.