After you create a service account, use the Exchange Admin Center to create specialized roles for the service account. These roles provide Workspace ONE UEM all the permissions required to operate.

Note: You can also create custom roles for Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 service accounts using the Exchange Admin Center.


  1. Navigate to Exchange Admin Center > Permissions > admin roles.
  2. To create a new role group, select the "+" icon. The new role group page appears.
  3. Enter the Group Page Settings.
    Settings Descriptions
    Name Enter the name for the role.
    Description Enter the description for the role.
    Write Scope Select Default from the drop-down menu.
    Roles Add Mail recipients, Organization Client Access, and Recipient Policiesas the roles.
    Members Select the Service Account you have created.
  4. Save the settings.


Note: If you are a Workspace ONE UEM SaaS and an Office 365 user, your configuration is complete. The remaining steps are applicable for on-premises Exchange and Workspace ONE UEM configurations.